MAP - Media Audit

Media optimization and the improvement of advertising results


3 weeks


Computer & Software


Glasgow, United Kingdom


Lead Developers

Project Overview

MAP (Media Audit Platform) is a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize media and enhance advertising results. Developed by our team at UseCodify, MAP analyzes campaign settings and visualizes outcomes in a user-friendly dashboard, empowering clients to monitor relevant statistics and make informed decisions.

Key Features

  • Campaign Analysis: MAP’s robust algorithm analyzes campaign settings and generates real-time performance KPI scores, providing clients with valuable insights into their advertising efforts.
  • Visual Dashboard: Clients can easily monitor campaign performance through an intuitive and visually appealing dashboard, which highlights key metrics and trends.
  • Performance Suggestions: MAP goes beyond data visualization by explaining the criteria for each KPI score and offering actionable suggestions for improving campaign performance.
  • Google BigQuery Integration: Leveraging Google BigQuery, a powerful multi-cloud data warehouse, MAP ensures efficient processing of large datasets, enabling comprehensive data analytics.

Technologies Used

  • Backend Development: Symfony framework was utilized to build a flexible and scalable backend infrastructure, capable of handling complex data processing tasks with ease.
  • Frontend Development: React.js was chosen for frontend development, providing a dynamic and responsive user interface that enhances user experience and interaction.


The collaboration between UseCodify and our clients has resulted in the successful development of MAP, a powerful tool for optimizing media and improving advertising results. By leveraging advanced data analytics and visualization techniques, MAP empowers clients to make data-driven decisions and achieve their advertising goals more effectively.

With its intuitive dashboard, real-time performance scoring, and actionable insights, MAP sets a new standard for media audit platforms, providing clients with a comprehensive solution for monitoring and optimizing their advertising campaigns. Powered by Symfony and React, MAP offers a flexible and scalable platform that can adapt to the evolving needs of clients, ensuring long-term success and growth in the dynamic world of digital advertising.

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Grow your business today

Have a project? Perhaps an idea on mind? Contact us and
we are here to grow your digital presence!
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